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Industrial Flooring Services

We apply and install the full range of Epoxy, Polyurethane and cementicious flooring products

Adfloor Industrial Limited

specialise in the specification and installation of synthetic and cementicious industrial flooring systems to the UK.

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A: 76 High Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Consultancy and SpecificationWith our Consultancy and Specification capabilities Adfloor Industrial Limited can clearly identify the causes of your flooring problems and with our extensive experience can offer a specification or design solution specifically tailored for your business needs.

These problems can take many forms such as

  • Worn or uneven floors resulting in trip hazards

  • Friable concrete or flaking paint creating dust related problems

  • Contamination of existing surfaces

  • Oil and Grease accumulation causing slip hazards

  • Lack of designated areas for health and safety requirements

The following options are available to solve these problems

  • Low maintenance floor surfaces

  • Easy to clean, anti-slip, chemical resistant, hygienic or anti-static floor finishes

  • Designated walkways, emergency escape routes, colour coded zones

  • Specific flooring solutions for sub-zero or other temperature controlled environments

  • Special requirements for any floor surface, giving more than just floor paint

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution...!

PreparationIn our experience a major factor in any successful flooring installation is choosing the correct surface preparation for the appropriate installation, taking into consideration factors such as condition of floor substrate and working environment.

Methods of surface preparation include:

  • Dust free closed circuit encapsulated shotblasting, the industry standard and recommended by Ferfa (the resin flooring association)

  • Vacuum extracted diamond grinding - heavy duty for larger areas or hand held for smaller or intricate areas

  • Floor Planing for the removal and reduction of friable and contaminated floor surfaces

  • Floor Covering Removal, the removal of carpet and vinyl floor coverings prior to the preferred method of floor preparation

InstallationWe apply and install the full range of Epoxy resin, Polyurethane resin and cementicious flooring products working in association with leading product manufacturers.

Our range of installations include the following:

  • Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin screed systems

  • Cementicious Standard and Fast Track screed systems

  • Cementicious Fast Track self levelling systems

  • Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin self levelling systems

  • Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin coatings

  • Anti Static Flooring

  • Slip Resistant Flooring

  • Polymer Underlayment Screeds

  • Surface Drainage Systems

  • Decorative Systems

  • Demarcation and Walkway Lining